Join the cleaning revolution

Let’s face it, nobody likes cleaning their beer lines every week. It’s time consuming, bad for the environment, irritating and of course, costly.

The average customer saving is £5000.

Our beer line cleaning system uses radio wave technology, reducing your weekly clean to once every 28 days, saving you thousands.

Full installation takes less than a day, and can be completed during working hours, with no disruption to your lines or business.

Environmentally Friendly

Our cleaning system is kind to the planet and when you combine our radio wave technology with our advanced formula powder, you’re going to witness some truly remarkable things.

The DING Elimin8 Cleaning Powder forms a powerful solution once mixed with water.

It is like sending a tsunami of powerful ingredients gushing down your lines, removing all yeast and harmful bacteria that could be spoiling your pints.

Our powder is a powerful alkaline cleaner specifically designed to work in symbiosis with the DING Device.

Once mixed with water our 
powder becomes a powerful cleaning solution by releasing oxygen. This sudden release of oxygen helps lift stains and dirt off the beer lines and Elimn8 them.

The DING Elimin8 powder also contains ingredients to soften the water and enhance the cleaning power to ensure no residue will be left in your beer lines following your monthly clean.

It’s the perfect partner for the DING device.

Total control

Wherever you are, we provide instant access to your DING dashboard so, you can stay in control.

From temperature monitoring to cost savings, the DING software solution gives you up-to-the-minute insight into your whole setup.

Whether you’re in the back office or on the go, we bring you constant feedback on every aspect of your organisation’s day-to-day running, highlighting issues before they become a problem.

Contact us for a free consultation and unleash the power of DING.

Upgrade to the DING Smart Dashboard for proactive cellar monitoring.

Making waves

The DING Device sends an oscillating electric impulse (radio wave) through your beer lines 24/7/365, which slows down the process of yeast forming in your lines.

Our unique suppression system reduces the buildup of microorganisms, beer-stone, and film. Even outside operational hours.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

Clean and simple

There are so many reasons to use the DING device and Elimin8 powder but here are the top five that make it a simple choice.

The Device

The DING Device uses a revolutionary radio wave technology to send pulses through your beer lines all-day, everyday, which slows down yeast formation and prevents buildup in your lines.

The Powder

The DING Elimin8 Cleaning Powder forms a powerful solution once mixed with water, a powerful non caustic, alkaline cleaner specifically designed to work in symbiosis with the DING Device.

The Tech

Our advanced technology with DING’s safer, greener and non-caustic cleaning powder means cleaner lines for longer, beautifully tasting pints and happier, loyal customers.

The Savings

DING delivers guaranteed savings from day one. Save hundreds of pounds every month in wastage. Save on water, energy, cleaning materials and wages.

The Guarantee

3-month, money-back guarantee. With the DING promise you get complete peace of mind, a full no-quibble money-back guarantee with no hoops to jump through.

And don’t forget the customers praising the taste of your beers all year round.

Special offer

Arrange installation now and you’ll get a FREE pre-clean with DING’s safer, non-caustic powder. FREE Installation of the DING Device & FREE Delivery of your DING Elimin8 Powder.

Don’t take our word for it

Our customers are already saving thousands of pounds every year by using the DING device and Elimin8 powder. Here are just a few of them.